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Academy of water transport, the "Mercury-fest"
(street Heroes of Stalingrad, 2).

club "colours" (Kowalski lane 5).

Docker pub" (Bohatyrska str., 9).

Park them.Pushkin. Concert of laureates of the festival "Podyh".

Bike-festival "ROCK VizOK".

DK NAU (kiiga), St. Komarova, 1. The festival "Rock season".

DK "Arsenal". Concert in memory of Jim Morrison - The Doors Party..

club "Buddy guy". The concert presentation of the collection of festival "Podyh".

club "Buddy guy". The project "Pulse of the asphalt". Music duel of the group "Kamyaniy gist" and "Will"

DK KPI. Gala concert of the festival "Podeh".

Selection round of festival "Podyh".

The city recreation center. Festival "Kyiv young".

Bottom BAM. Festival "ROCK the SOUTH"

Festival "White lake" (second day) .

Date: July 27, 2002
Location: KUZNETSOVSK, White lake

The festival "White lake" (first day).

Goloseevskiy Park. Festival "Holosiivski zabavy".

European square. The concert with participation of groups Kamyaniy gist, Dad Brighton, GARDEN, Mandry.

Blues club "Buddy Guy". The concert devoted to the world Day of struggle against police brutality.

Blues club "Buddy Guy". The project "Pulse of the asphalt".

BUCHA, a House of culture. Rock-festival "Spring".