CRIMEA, SUDAK. Club "Arzy". "The first national gathering of bikers". Opening: "Kamyaniy gist", "Papa Brighton", "SW" & "Kamyaniy gist".

Goloseevsky Park.M.Rylskiy. Rock festival "Holosiivski Zabavy-2001".

Arch "Friendship of peoples". Rock concert "Chorna bil": "Kamyaniy gist", "Association", "the Doctors from Alma-ATA", "abzdolts" after all, "Scots", "Vince"..

Shipbuilding College. Rock concert: "Kamyaniy gist", "Papa Brighton", "DNA", "Adult babies", "the Theater of the Absurd", "lightening bolt"..

Rock concert: "Kamyaniy gist", "Association", "Siberian crane", etc.


The Fakel Cinema. A session of silent films accompanied by live rock music: "Kamyaniy gist", "Nolens Volens", "Eridan"..

New year's rock concert. Group "Kamyaniy gist" and "Association".

DK "Lenin's smithy". Rock concert. "Kamyaniy gist", "C-4", "Sheff Power".

The city recreation center. The concert "Rock against war". "Kamyaniy gist", "Bikini Atoll", "Sunray", "Theatre of the Absurd", "Association".