Club "Store 205". Jim Morrison Fest. A festival dedicated to Jim Morrison - Jim Morrison Fest.

Club "Beer Barrel" (M."Petrovka", Moscow Avenue, 17/1) .
After gaining experience from performances in Moscow, the musicians decided toexperiment to repair them, and have begun work on a sound-ray version of their concert. The result is a quiet, filled with the sound of acoustic guitars, bluesy melodies of saxophone, diluted diverse percussion program. The band worked exclusively with electrical engineering.

The Club "B-2". Group "Kamyaniy gist" visiting the group "Krematoriy". The concert is a celebration of the birth of VODKA (the world society of friends of cremation and arm wrestling).

Shipbuilding College. The opening of the rock club "OK.Rock"

Docker pub" (Bohatyrska str., 9), 22:00
Joint concert of group "Kamyaniy gist" with the legendary group "Krematoriy".