Plyne chas

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Release Year: 2020

Track List:

  1. Choven (04:34)
  2. Yakshcho bachysh (03:49)
  3. Tam, za horamy (03:07)
  4. Khyzhi liudy (04:12)
  5. V moyikh snakh (04:04)
  6. Plyne chas (04:25)
  7. Pyty treba menshe (03:52)
  8. Znovu den (04:23)

Duration: 00:32:26

"Plyne chas" is one of the most lyrical and positive albums of the Kamianiy Gist group.

The plate contains 8 tracks, each of which is a separate story. Together they form a single storyline with certain stages of development and culmination.

In the lyrics, the musicians raise such important topics as faith and hope, life and death, peace and war, meeting and separation, inspiration and love. Also in the album there was a place for irony and humor.

The group began work on the disc in 2017. According to the musicians: “Since then, we have been actively working on creating high-quality arrangements and finding the right sound. At first the disc was supposed to be called “Choven” but when the song “Plyne chas” appeared, all the points were immediately placed on the “i” .

One of the highlights of the album is the unusual use of harmonica, the part of which was performed by frontman Yuri Veres. In the song "V moikh snakh", the harmonica first sings lyrically and folkly, and then imperiously imitates the sound of the accordion.

Until the last minute, the participation in the recording of flute player Amadeus Rothbart was in doubt, but he found the opportunity and specially flew from Germany to accumulate his creative parties.

Another highlight was the use of the violin and cello in the song "Yakshcho Bachysh", due to which the composition acquired a special depth. Wonderful musicians Andrii Stavitsky and Arsenii Stavitsky were invited to record.

Also, creatively and inspirationally, Dmytro Bakryv and Serhii Spatar came to the process of recording the rhythm section, generating a lot of takes and parts.

The talented musician and guitarist Viktor Chernetsky, as well as sound engineer Serhii Silakov, worked on the general sounding of the album. As a result, the record is pleasantly and balanced.

Some of the songs, such as "Tam za horamy" and "Pyty treba menshe" are already present in one of the previous albums, but the musicians decided to re-release these compositions in new arrangements.


  • Yurii Veres - songwriter, vocals, harmonica (3, 5, 7), backing vocals, acoustic guitar, cover design;
  • Viktor Chernetsky - guitar, arrangements, sound engineering, information;
  • Dmytro Bakryv - bass (except 5), backing vocals (7);
  • Serhii Spatar - drums (except 2, 5);
  • Serhii Robulets (Amadeus Rotbart) - flute (3, 4, 6, 8);
  • Andrii Stavitsky - violin (2);
  • Arsenii Stavitsky - cello (2);
  • Serhii Silakov - mastering, sound engineering, construction.

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