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REPORT: Spring drive from the group Kamyaniy gist

Read more: Весенний драйв от группы "Kamyaniy gist". Т.Болгак, Ю.Верес. Автор фото: Мария НиколаеваThe long-awaited arrival of spring Kyiv was marked in the musical life of the capital, near club concerts.

Pub in Central Kyiv "Bochka Pyvna" March 20 – spring equinox noted his performance extraordinary representatives of Ukrainian rock - Kyiv group "Kamyaniy gist".

Despite the fact that the concert took place on a weekday, there were many listeners who warmly welcomed all the group composition.

The program consisted mainly of new material in the Ukrainian language, sounded beautiful lyrical song "Hali the Cossacks", "Ty tell me Fren", "On the horizon to the heavens", "Yakscho basis", "Oh CIV", "So buva". A fun and Groovy song "treba Piti less than", "Not start" have also been well received by the audience.

Very bright and interesting sounds "historical" composition "Chateau Gaillard". Special power of lyrics in songs was opened "There soon" and "Kuala zozulen". Also was presented a beautiful, interesting and positive song "Znovu day".

The concert included well-known songs are "Lonely train stations", "Dance till you drop". Encore "was performed Not in love", "Wake up!", "Together with you", and in the end of his speech sounded a colorful composition "Fly".

It is significant that the group is constantly experimenting not just with sound but also with the presentation of the songs. The audience throughout the concert to enjoy a themed video series that was broadcast on the big screen, which also found a warm response from the audience.  

The band really managed to make the organic combination of ethnic motifs and melodic rock, as was shown, the song "shaman's Blues". In the arrangements, along with the "classical" set, used interesting ethnic instruments – didgeridoo,  Armenian DUDUK, a tambourine, a harp and bongos. But the fact that two songs sound the flute, makes the presentation memorable and enchanting.

I would also like to note that the group "Kamyaniy gist" is the initiator of the project "Rock–revival", which was presented to the famous song of the group The Doors – "People are strange" in the Ukrainian language.

After the concert we found out that the "gist Kamyaniy" by planning an acoustic concert with the legendary group "Krematoriy", which is already scheduled for may 19 in Kyiv "Underground Music Hall".

The long-awaited spring has come and believe that colors and strength will last a long time, especially if you know that there are people who warm themselves and their creativity of others!           

Vladimir Melnichenko Shaman

Upcoming concerts

Valerii Lutsenko - bass guitar
Amadeus Rotbart - flute
Yurii Veres - songwriter, vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Victor Chernetski - guitar
Serhii Spatar - drums, percussion

Кам'яний гість - малюнок. Автор - Дмитро Бакрив