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The 29th birthday of group "Krematoriy" in Kyiv

Read more: группа Крематорий29 November "Krematoriy" has celebrated his 29th birthday bright musical show. During the hour and a half  the concert the musicians presented their best hits, as well as many surprises!

Special guest of the Kyiv concert was the group "Kamyaniy gist". "Krematoriy" and "Kamyaniy gist" long-term friendship and joint concerts have become a tradition. Kyiv musicians have prepared for the Moscow colleagues a unique gift – a few songs from their new album "60/70", songs in which the legends of world rock 60-70 - ies of the sound in the Ukrainian language. Another striking element of the show was the initiation of "Knights of Krematoriy" the leader [of[[nbsp; group "Kamyaniy gist" Yuriy Veres.

Birthdays, however, have not remained aloof from the legendary music of 60-70, performing the song Here comes the sun George Harrison. Thus Armen and To paying tribute to the legendary Beatle, who had gone to a better world on this day exactly 11 years ago.

Of course, every music fan has heard a compilation that includes "Ugly Elsa", "Tanya", "Rubbish wind" and other songs of your favorite band, has already become a classic "Russian rock". However, no one, even the best quality Studio recording, is not able to transfer the live energy and drive that invariably accompany a concert "Krematoriy". No matter what is the secret to amazing teamwork, ultimate devotion, or in the charisma and uniqueness of each musician, every concert "Krematoriy" – is, above all, very high quality show!

So,  the light dimmed, heard mystical sounds and amid the cheers of the hall came on the scene Armen Grigoryan invariable black glasses and hat. And the show began!

Despite the fact that the hall of the NAU designed for a "seated" audience from the very beginning of the concert people began to gather in the aisles, dancing  and singing.

Given the special occasion of the event, "Krematoriy" made an exclusive gift to the public, performing two new songs "Duel" and "Marilyn" from her forthcoming album.

A special secret group "Crematory" that within a single musical group has a very bright and self-sufficient musicians that are, however, not pull the attention of every man on himself, but organically complement each other. So, get a powerful charge of musical drive, in which each element is bright.

What cost performance, recently returned to Krematoriy, violinist Maxim Guslistova! His performance was the show, he was coming off at 200% infecting their energy hall.

For the first time on the Ukrainian stage performed new guitarist "Krematoriy" Vladimir Kulikov – the youngest member of the team. Baptism of Vladimir at the concert "Krematoriy" took place a little over three months ago, and it is so seamlessly blended into the team that at the scene of the Kyiv language would not be turned to call him a newcomer.

We should also mention the rhythm section. Bassist Nikolai Korshunov took an active part in the improvised show, diluting musical compositions an unusually strong poetic performance. Drummer Andrew ermola was not far behind, and fooling around on the soul.

In short, the concert was everything and premiere, and surprises, and . incredible emotional lift, the legendary "Garbage wind", "Sexy cat" and "the Ugly  Elsa", the first chords of which, the audience stood up and never sat down until the end of the concert. Twice under an unceasing applause "Krematoriy" came out for an encore.

The magic of any "live" concert in its emotional component, in particular the one with the audience. When the hall rises in unison and sings songs with the group, when everyone is connected a single musical wave. And a special merit of the musicians that after 29 years able to create this unique wave and force the audience to feel whole.

Undoubtedly the concert of group "Krematoriy" has become one of the most exciting musical events of the year and, without doubt, the most worthy end of the rock-fall 2012!

More photos:
Group "Kamyaniy gist" Vkontakte: http://vk.com/clubstoneguest

Maria Nikolaeva

Source: http://www.rock.kiev.ua


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Valerii Lutsenko - bass guitar
Amadeus Rotbart - flute
Yurii Veres - songwriter, vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Victor Chernetski - guitar
Serhii Spatar - drums, percussion

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