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The most interesting facts and the history of the songs that will be included in the album "70/80

Read more: rock legendsTHE BEATLES: "Come Together" - "Idemo razom".

The impression that Lennon wrote this song, traveling somewhere through parallel worlds. The text is too crowded with slang and allusions. We can only guess that it was referring to the author.

There is an assumption that every verse of Come Together was written about one of the members of the group: George Harrison - "He one holy roller", Paul McCartney - "he wear no shoe-shine", John Lennon - "He got Ono sideboard" and Ringo Starr - "Got to be good looking".

There is also a version that the song Come Together was conceived by John Lennon as a political unifying slogan for the psychologist and LSD guru, activist Timothy Leary and his campaign against California Governor Ronald Reagan. Lennon suggested Leary's help in his campaign. His slogan was "Come together, join the party". Lennon sent Leary a demo with some ideas on songs. However, Leary was jailed for marijuana possession, and his campaign ended there. In the end Lennon had the opportunity to complete the song with the Beatles.

John Lennon once said: "This song was created in the Studio." Come together "- jargon, an expression that Tim Leary had used, when he ran for President. He asked me to write him a song for his election campaign. I really tried, but it didn 't work. But the song was "Come Together", which didn't fit him - it is impossible to conduct a campaign like this song, right? But then Leary had long accused me that I stole his slogan ".

Translating "Come together", we decided to offer another version. From our point of view, this song is about a hippie named Compesa. In spite of such a substitution of concepts, the translation of the song is similar to the original content.

THE DOORS "Riders on the Storm" - "Vershnyky grozy".

The future leader of the cult rock band the Doors Jim Morrison in the early sixties was a student at Florida State University in Tallahassee. At the same time he was closely associated with a girl named Mary, who lived a few hundred miles away. Jim often went to her hitchhiking, sitting on a deserted night road in random cars. Jim figures of the time often appeared the image of the lonely traveler, forced themselves to face the challenges of long-distance travel. It is quite possible that from that period began the history of the song "Riders on the Storm".

Robby Krieger argued that "Riders on the Storm" was written under the impression from songs Wall Jones "Ghost Riders in the Sky". According to another version, the source of inspiration was the film "the rain Passenger" directed by rené clément. Also there is a version that the song contains memories from my childhood of Jim Morrison when he witnessed the accident that claimed several lives. There is also the assumption that the words about the killer on the road are a hint of the famous maniac Billy cook. Supposedly they are taken from the screenplay Morrison, in which he was going to play the role of a hitchhiker murderer.

"Riders on the Storm" was the last song that you recorded the band. She took fourteenth place in the Billboard Hot 100 and twenty-second in the UK Singles Chart. 3 July 1971, the day the song entered the Hot 100, Jim Morrison died.

Working on the translation of the song "Riders on the Storm", we have tried to maintain the poetry inherent in Jim Morrison, as well as created an entirely new arrangement, which resembles the original only in harmony.

SLADE "Coz I Luv You" - "Bo kokhayu".

It's no secret that many real rock hits were created just a few minutes. So was the case with the famous song "Coz I Luv You" by the British rock group Slade. Her Manager Chas Chandler, former member of The Animals, insisted that his players themselves wrote the words and music. After one of these conversations and began the history of the song "Coz I Luv You". Noddy holder recalled: "He asked us to create a hit song, and it was not very easy. Jimmy came up with "Coz I Luv You" for twenty minutes, and Sanchez was stunned by it. It seemed to us that it is not enough for a fatal Slade. So we added all these claps and pricopi that made it more successful in commercial terms".

Jim Lee talked about the process of creating the songs "Coz I Luv You": "there Was a time when I mainly wrote with Don and Dave with a Nod. We Nod admired by stéphane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt - violin and all. Once I arrived in the neighborhood where he lived with his parents nod, and said, "Hey, nod, why don't we write a song? Why don't we write something in the spirit of stéphane Grappelli?. Then in the charts was "Hot Love" Mark of the rest, and I suggested something like that, something very simple, and in half an hour we wrote the song. We had the structure of the melody, and the nod just filled in the blanks. This is the only song we've written.

As holder recalled, they specifically wrote the song title is misspelled - "Coz I Luv You", "We thought "Because I Love You" is a stupid name for a song, so we used the writing that could be on the wall of the toilet in the Midlands, and it made her just killed".

Single "Coz I Luv You" was released in the fall of 1971 and in two weeks it was in first place on the UK Singles Chart.

But the band is not particularly valued Slade "Coz I Luv You". In an interview, Jim Lee says of the song: "We thought of her as feminine, written for dobivki album. But two weeks later she took off in the first place, and we thought, "What the fuck?!". It was so stupid".

After the release of "Coz I Luv You" by Slade group fell righteous anger of the representatives of the education sector. ">Musicians were accused of their song, they push young people deliberately make spelling errors.

For the album "70/80" song "Coz I Luv You" translated one of our good friend. I thank him for it. In the arrangement and structure of the songs, we left the main thing - the mood of the song. It will be the most positive song of the album.

GENESIS: "Land of Confusion" - "Zbentezheniy kray".

"Land of Confusion" - known political song by the British band "Genesis", which questioned the wisdom of the world leaders in those times, when between the U.S. and Russia threatened nuclear war. Written by guitarist Mike Rutherford and the music was all created by the band "Genesis".

Phil Collins talked about this song - "political song about the mess, we sailed". The song was included on the album "Invisible Touch", which was published in 1986. >Also on "Land of Confusion" was created by puppet creative videos. This video quickly became popular.

Creating a translation for this song, we were struck by her prophecy and relevance. In our version, the song reflects the events occurring now in Ukraine. The overall sound of the song has also changed significantly - from the musical component remains only harmony.

QUEEN: "All Dead, All Dead" - "Svit znyk, Svit znyk".

This song was written and sung by Brian may, and Freddie mercury played piano and she performed the role of backing vocals.

In the episode of the famous radio show "In the Studio with Redbeard" Mei confirmed rumors that the song is dedicated to his beloved cat, which he lost in childhood.

Brian was talking about "All dead, all dead": "This is one of my favorite songs. I think it is a good and really happy with its sound. When I listen to this song, it always surprises me. It can bring tears to your eyes. She always gives me these feelings ".

Working on this song, we were convinced that it sings Freddie mercury (look very similar), but everything turned out differently. The main vocals were performed by Brian may and backing vocals Freddie only sounds in the chorus. Even more we were surprised by the information that Brian dedicated this song to his beloved cat of my childhood. We learned about it only when already completed work on the translation.

"CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL": "Run Through the Jungle" - "Tikaymo cherez jungli".

The song was written by vocalist, guitarist and songwriter of Creedence, John Fogarty.

It may seem, and most people think so that this song talks about the war in Vietnam, because the text refers to the jungle, and the year of its release - 1970 (USA waged war in Vietnam between 1965 and 1975). The fact that previous Creedence songs, namely "Who'll Stop the Rain" and "Fortunate Son" were protests against the war, only confirmed the theory.

John Fogarty said: "I Think many felt that way because it was true, but I was talking about the proliferation of weapons in America, both registered and illegal. I am a hunter myself, and I'm not against guns, but I just thoughtthat people are so enthusiastic about them that it got out of control and has become dangerous. Now the situation is even worse. It is interesting that it took 20 years to have any movement against it."

Former Executive Director of the CCR, Sol Sent later claimed that the song "The Old Man Down the Road", which later watch released a solo, too much like "Run Through the Jungle", the copyright holder of which was Sent. He even filed a lawsuit against John. In the court of proud Mary played both songs on guitar, right on the witness stand and won the case. The judge decided that an artist cannot plagiarize himself.

Interestingly, "Run Through the Jungle" mentions the devil, and "The Old Man Down The Road" - God.

Tom Fogarty, the elder brother of John: "Run Through the Jungle - my favorite CCR song of all times ... She is like a small movie, with all sound effects. The tone of the songs is not changed, but she holds your attention. She's just the dream of a musician - the tone does not change, but you feel that it is wrong."

Working on this song, we tried to keep her mood, although it added a bit of drive.

Gary Moore: "Over the Hills and Far Away" - "Za pagorbamy, vdalyni".

The song about a man falsely accused of robbery and exiled far from their homes. He dreams that one day will return home and will meet again with his beloved.

It was planned that the vocal part in this song is a famous Phil Lynnot, at that moment, the former leader of the Irish rock band "Thin Lizzy". Unfortunately, the abuse of alcohol and drugs caused the early death of a musician (he was only 36 years old) and had kept true to the plan.

As a result the song "Over the Hills and Far Away" sang by myself Gary Moore. He also played a great guitar part.

In October 2010, just months before his death, Gary Moore, made in Kharkov. The concert began with the powerful performance of the song Over the Hills and Far Away, this room can be called the best in the evening.

Working on this song, we tried to keep her powerful energy and drive. Probably agarbati, udalen" will be the most powerful song of the record.

PINK FLOYD: "Time" - "Chas".

This is the only song of the album "The Dark Side of the Moon", the authors which indicated that all four participant groups, although the song was written by Roger waters. He said in various interviews that the idea of the song came when he realized that more than anything in life is not prepared.

Sound hours, on which the song was recorded by the group's sound engineer Alan Parsons. Each clock was recorded separately in an antique shop, the group then mixed them together. Actually Parsons wanted to use the film to demonstrate the new Quad system, but then the result was used in the album.

The sounds of tick tock mimics on the bass guitar, Roger waters, clamping the strings so that the instrument becomes like the ticking of the clock. This trick can be seen on a live video group.

To this composition we come with great responsibility. As said some of our friends "by Pink Floyd, you encroached on the sacred". So, look for our bold version of the song in a completely new sound.

David Bowie: "The Man Who Sold The World" - "Lyudyna, shcho prodala Svit".

The song tells the story of how the author meets himself otherwise. In this work, Bowie talks about the long road of dis-identification with itself and further reconciliation.

Bowie said: "I wrote this song when I was looking for the other side. Maybe now I feel more comfortable in psychological and spiritual terms, I feel that there is already a certain unity. This song is describing how you feel when you're young, when you know that there is another part of you that you are not actually together. This search, in which there is a great need to find out who you really are ".

Regarding the origin of the name of the song, immediately necessary in the opinion of a sci-Fi novel by Robert Heinlein "The Man Who Sold The Moon". They say that Bowie read it. It is possible that the coincidence is accidental and the name of this literary work has nothing to do with "The Man Who Sold the World".

More obvious borrowing from a poem by Hughes Mirna of "The Psychoed" ("Antigonish"), where part of the text is repeated almost word for word. Bowie himself never mentioned such a source of inspiration, and this fact has no documentary evidence, but the lyrics openly echoes the content of the poem.

>The history of modern music complete examples of a good cover song is becoming much popular original, and most listeners can't remember the author and first performer. Something similar happened with the song "The Man Who Sold The World" which most modern music fans see this as a song of the grunge band Nirvana. Kurt Cobain covered it very well in the Unplugged concert. Bowie himself admitted that he hates when after the concert suited the teenagers and say, "How nice of you to sing a song of Nirvana". And I think "fuck you, wank young!".

This song can be related to surrealism. Of all the songs of our upcoming album it is the most complicated.

"Kamyaniy gist": "Zakhodyvsya u viyni".

"I sahadeva win" is the only singing group "Kamyaniy gist" in the album "70/80". It is written by the group's leader, Yuriy Veres in the fall of 2013, several months before the events on Maidan.

This song is about a soldier who is in the thick of the war. In each dream he sees his family happy around him. But, waking up screaming and explosions, he is forced again to go into battle, although it is on the brink and unable to see the death of their comrades.

Yuriy Veres: "there Are songs that are written by themselves, when something from outside the text dictates and sings the melody. I felt similar when he wrote "Sahadeva at win". The song is built on one breath. I could not understand why this topic has arisen now, in time of peace. Even a year ago it was difficult to imagine that life will change so drastically and our country will be forced to go through such an ordeal."


Before the completion of the fundraising in support of the album "70/80" remained 8 days. You still have the opportunity to participate in the creation of the record. Every extra penny will help us make a better album. Supporting the record "70/80" you can choose one of the following prizes: the album "There beyond the mountains" autographed by the band group "Kamyaniy gist"; gift copy of the disc "70/80"; album "60/70"; invitation to charity concert - the official presentation of the album; excursion to a rehearsal of the group; part in the recording of the album; a walk through the old town with magnificent Maria Nikolaeva.

Read more on the website: https://biggggidea.com/project/741/

We remind you that the record is "70/80" group "Kamyaniy gist" will contain the Ukrainian version of the songs of The legendary The Beatles, The Doors, Queen, Genesis, Slade, Pink Floyd, Garry Moore, David Bowie and Creedence Clearwater Revival. Famous songs of the seventies and eighties will not only contain a similar translation, but also will be completely new arrangements.

Upcoming concerts

  • 09.04.2023 Kyiv

    Docker Pub. The band's birthday is 25 years

Valerii Lutsenko - bass guitar
Amadeus Rotbart - flute
Yurii Veres - songwriter, vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Victor Chernetski - guitar
Serhii Spatar - drums, percussion

Кам'яний гість - малюнок. Автор - Дмитро Бакрив