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The tenth day of the war...

On the tenth day, Russian invading forces have invaded Ukraine and are regularly shelling homes and infrastructure, killing civilians and trying to destroy our cities and villages!
The tenth day we are forced to leave our homes, say goodbye to family and friends!
Tenth day, how can we not cry!
The tenth day, as we defend every piece of our homeland!
Tenth day, how we defend our right to peace and freedom!
The tenth day, how we have changed forever, becoming united, aware, strong and close!
The tenth day, as a new Ukraine is born!
It is very difficult for us now, but we will definitely survive!
Glory to Ukraine!


We want to appeal to the people of Russia and Belarus, who support the actions of their authorities in the war against Ukraine, even if they call it a special operation. I understand that the probability of being heard is negligible (especially since while I was writing this text, they began to turn off your access to social networks), but I’ll try anyway. But what if...
Your media is broadcasting a picture that has nothing to do with common sense and truth! They cynically lie to you in order to justify the criminal military invasion of Russian troops on the territory of a sovereign country, which began on the direct orders of your distraught president. His decision (under a far-fetched pretext) was the reason that now we have a full-scale bloody war! A war in which Russian soldiers kill Ukrainian civilians, including women and children, and destroy our cities. A war that takes the lives of not only our loved ones, but also the lives of many thousands of Russian soldiers. A war in which your "rescue" troops destroy peaceful infrastructure, and also attack our nuclear power plants with missiles. A war that has been going on for ten days! Like ten years...
And if mobilization is announced tomorrow, are you really ready to go to Ukraine to kill and die? Why!? For what ideals? Do you really want this?! Sincerely ask yourself!
Justifying this war, you doom yourself to eternal shame and disgrace! After all, each of our deaths will also be on your conscience!

Upcoming concerts

  • 09.04.2023 Kyiv

    Docker Pub. The band's birthday is 25 years

Valerii Lutsenko - bass guitar
Amadeus Rotbart - flute
Yurii Veres - songwriter, vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Victor Chernetski - guitar
Serhii Spatar - drums, percussion

Кам'яний гість - малюнок. Автор - Дмитро Бакрив