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Thirteenth birthday, April Monday, or Rock against will

Read more: День рождения группы Kamyaniy gist в Route 6611 April in Kyiv club "Route 66" will be a celebration of the birth of the rock group "Kamyaniy gist".

The team formed in 1998 in Kyiv and since its Foundation has visited with concerts the twelve regions of Ukraine, and also repeatedly acted in Moscow. The arrangement of the group is a combination of different musical styles, from ethnic motifs, ballads, Blues to hard rock.

"The holiday concert will be special. We take a ride in a kind of time machine, with the help of music back to the days of the founding of the group and gradually moving to modern times", – said the leader of the group Yuri Veres.  in Addition to the already beloved songs listeners, the group will present a new instrumental composition "The Inspiration". Also this evening for the first time will feature a restored version of the song "Rain" from the album "Dance with time".

The concert will feature the participation of a special guest, a great singer Maria Nikulina with which the group "Kamyaniy gist" long-standing friendship and numerous joint concerts. Another piece of good news for those who are unable to attend the previous concert of the group. You will have the opportunity to hear the song "shaman's Blues" mysterious sound of the didgeridoo, one of the oldest instruments in the world.  the Course of ethnotherapy will hold [a[[nbsp; Nikita Efanov.

By the way, the fact that the event will be held on Monday, and the group celebrates 13th anniversary,  – two beautiful reason to break the stereotypes of the heavy weight of the day and "fateful" dates! After all, visiting a concert, you will receive a charge of good mood for the whole week!

The concert will take place 11.04.2011 in the bike-rock-n-roll club Route 66 (Kyiv, Zhilyanskaya str., 87/30), beginning at 20:00.

Upcoming concerts

Valerii Lutsenko - bass guitar
Amadeus Rotbart - flute
Yurii Veres - songwriter, vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Victor Chernetski - guitar
Serhii Spatar - drums, percussion

Кам'яний гість - малюнок. Автор - Дмитро Бакрив