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Yuriy Veres: "...my country is now similar to LEGO..."

Read more: Юрий Верес - интервью"Kamyaniy gist" refers to those groups who, experimenting with style and sound, trying to make the Ukrainian music bright and unusual.
In 2010, the group participated in many festivals, traveling around different regions of Ukraine, and at the rock festival "Premiere" won the first place.
In this interview, the group leader Yuriy Veres shared his views on music and life.

- Hello ! Please tell us about the creation of "Kamyaniy gist" and its composition.
- All information is on the site of our group. The only thing there is no full archive of concerts (the archive already has approx. editor). Five years ago, the concerts we had a lot, but the group's activities was suspended. Last year we met again and now are playing a new, very different music.

- And what a creative pause?
- The reason was that we lost the rhythm section (bassist and drummer), who eventually played with Oksana Bilozir. We invited new musicians, but soon they received offers to participate in commercial projects. I'm tired of these changes, these uneven rails. The train stopped. Probably, it had to be. On the contrary, now I'm glad it happened that way. Has changed Outlook on life, life itself has changed, everything turned upside down. And today we are doing what we love and what we a hundred percent sure. We strive to create high-quality professional product and sharing it with listeners. Music is a lifestyle. There is a desire to give the world something interesting and bright.

- What inspired you to music?
- What inspired the work? Started writing songs. That's all. And then somehow itself a...

- Lyrics to music write?
- Yes. Along with the band create songs, dress, arrange.

- What audience is targeted your music?
- The target audience, I think it's for lovers of rock music and folk. If we take the regions, closer to Western and Central Ukraine.
Recently we were in Kherson. Some have incorrectly perceived what we wanted to convey. Despite this, we took first place at the festival.

- What is the main theme of your songs? And what do you want to convey to people?
- The main topics that would relate to all the songs together, no. Each has their own. Different stories on different topics.

- And who is it available?
- Again, the songs are all different. For example, the song "There, far away", I dedicated to his grandmother who was raising four children, because grandpa died when my mom was only three years.

- What kind of music do you listen to yourself?
- Depends on my mood and period. Recently attracted to a variety of ethnic music. Listened to real shamans. Now like "Вlаскмоrе''s Night". Previously, many interested: from the Ukrainian and Russian rock – heavy Western music. In General, always a pleasure to listen to such groups as The Beatles, The Doors, the Rolling Stones.

- How much money do you need for full happiness? Do you consider yourself a happy person? And what components can be attributed to the composition of happiness?
Interesting question. In my opinion, money is needed for the implementation of plans, to support the family, to help others. But money is not the basis of existence. If you do not sit still, move forward, then they will appear. Specific amount can not name. It does not exist.
I consider myself a happy person, but that doesn't mean that I've achieved. On the contrary, a million plans, which include almost impossible, but I believe. Perhaps this is the basis of happiness is to always strive for something. In my opinion, the component in the happiness of one, is actually a synonym - the meaning of life. If it is, that is happiness. One of my close people said that the meaning of life is constant expectation of something wonderful. If such a feeling exists, then life has meaning.

For whatever amount of money left to make music?
- Understand how you can go against yourself? If the song is written by herself, how to prevent? And the point here is not about the money. In the creative process they are necessary in order to record an album, release a record, to convey to the audience and not Vice versa.

Thank you! And read you some books?
- Now, given the large volumes of work, able to read a little, but a bit of luck. More interested in world history and psychology. But I have recently read a large amount of information related to the problem of alcoholism. Faced with a real case, when people need to get out of the pit, but you can't.
Soon I want to experiment. Uploaded a large number of audio books. Try to listen while driving.

- What is your "truth"?
- On the one hand I agree with Aristotle, who believed - "to talk about things that do not, or not-being, what it is, means to speak false; but to say that being is and not-being is not means to speak true. But, still, the truth is different for everyone. The same things two different people can perceive differently. Each of them will be right. In General, as you perceive this world, that's what he is. This diversity of life. We look at people around us and think it's the actors, and actually is are worlds apart.

Creative people spend a lot of time alone. Do you like being single?
Alone to be like, but if it's too long, it begins to pall.

- Well. Now, a little politics and history. Please tell me, and who did you vote for in the presidential election 2010-th year? And do you recognize Stepan Bandera a Hero of Ukraine?
- I will say this, I didn't vote for any of the current government.
I can't help but recognize Stepan Bandera a Hero of Ukraine, and to acknowledge him because I was not a witness of those events, but in the course of different historical views. In any case, I think a mistake that this issue has risen now. If the majority of society adheres to other point of view and it is not going to change, so it is not yet time. Again, it would be better to prepare people - history textbooks, new films, social advertising. But this is only my subjective point of view.

So what is Ukraine?
- Ukraine is a country in which I was born and live. As it is not a shame, but my country is now similar to LEGO, which visually all the parts fit, but taken from different designers, and if a little move, everything falls apart. Seeing what is happening now, very worried. We are losing important years! One in ten! On the contrary: we go back to minus ten...

- But, I wonder what you think is best for yourself gift?
- The best gift is love!

- Now on to your personal life. First of all, do you have children?
- Yes. Has a son, five years old. Name Is Arseny.

- Tell, please, and as a wife to relate to your work?
- His wife liked the songs, but she's not thrilled with the fact that I spend a lot of time in rehearsal, although he likes to attend concerts.

- What interested in outside of music?
- Interested in design, and most of all - web-design.

And my last question: what you want to achieve in your work and in your life?
- I think it is better not to put any straps. Best achievement in creativity is his infinity. Wish the music was professionally done and interesting. In life, as in art, there is a possibility of infinity. You should try to be useful to others, and the achievements will appear by themselves. Also I dream to see in Ukraine a normal society and a government that will work for him. Probably, it's fantastic dreams...

Kyiv, 2010
Talked Nestor LIPICH

Upcoming concerts

  • 09.04.2023 Kyiv

    Docker Pub. The band's birthday is 25 years

Valerii Lutsenko - bass guitar
Amadeus Rotbart - flute
Yurii Veres - songwriter, vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Victor Chernetski - guitar
Serhii Spatar - drums, percussion

Кам'яний гість - малюнок. Автор - Дмитро Бакрив