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Yuriy Veres: What mood you have, and the kind of music you listen to

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Interview for the magazine "Business area".

As we wrote recently Kyiv group "Kam'yany gіst" released the album "70/80", a rehash of Ukrainian classic rock hits. On this occasion, we talk to the leader of the group Yuriy Veres music and not only.

Please tell us about the origin of the band name.

Selecting the name of the group is somewhat similar to the choice of name for a person. It is the responsible thing. We could not decide what kind of a name to give our baby. There were a lot of options, but all that did not suit. In one of the gatherings, it was back in 1998, we tried to find the name, calling any words and phrases - all that came into his head. That's when someone said - "Kam'yany gіst". I felt the energy and the sound - this is exactly what you need. Therefore, the name of our group is not connected with the work of Pushkin and his "Malenki trahedii" or the work of Ukrainian Lesya and "Kamіnniy hospodar".

What kind of music listening group members, other than the classics, which covers writing?

Tastes vary. Recently discovered the British project called Charlie Winston. I listen to them with great pleasure. Some of the musicians like Muse, some - Red Hot Chili Peppers, some listening to Blackmore's Night. Also like "Braty Hadyukiny". Interesting music very much. What mood do you, that kind of music and listening.

And how did the idea to write down all Ukrainian versions of famous songs? What was the first song?

I always wondered what your favorite singing group. When you listen to English-language music, swallow it whole. If you know, it is only in part, in any case I see that way. When you listen to a song in the native language - subconsciously try to understand it. It was interesting - as will be seen-known English-language song, sing it if the Ukrainian, as close as possible and transfer to a completely new arrangement.

The first bird was the song "People are Strange" Jim Morrison and the American group "The Doors". Jim Morrison is my favorite rock poet. It seems that the song translated in 2011. 

This was followed by the song "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", George Harrison and "The Beatles". I translated it very enthusiastically.

And off we go. Translations of songs - a fascinating process, but not the fastest. Sometimes I spend 2-4 weeks on one song. It is necessary to observe compliance with the rhythm and content. Languages ​​are very different and can be difficult to reconcile. And not all songs can sound nice in translation. Therefore, it is quite hard work, although interesting.

On what basis selected groups?

The criteria are simple. Firstly - the song should like musically, and secondly - should be interesting content. Not every English-language song can sound in translation. And it's not so much in the text, but in the perception of the world. We have a different mentality, a different view of things, sometimes quite the opposite. The Briton will understand far not every Ukrainian song, if you sing it in English. And vice versa.

Earlier, you released the album "60/70", now "70/80." To be continued? 80/90?

The period of the 60's and 70's interesting for me in poetic terms. At the time, rock music was in its infancy. But "Kam'yaniy Gist" a lot of their songs. They are no less important to us. And the responsibility is different. It is one thing - to create their own arrangements of songs that owed nothing to anybody, and quite another - known hit, where it is likely be too clever by half. But that is not the responsibility. By their songs very different approach, because you're trying to create something entirely new that was not there before. Therefore, in the near future "80/90" did not intend. By the way, our own songs can be heard on the album "Tam, za goramy", released in late 2013.

Planned presentation of your album is in Kiev?

Now we are trying to expand the geography of performances, but not everything depends on us. Unfortunately, it is difficult to organize gigs remotely. Even in Kiev, where we live, things are not so simple. In every city there are the organizers and clubs. We consider the offers and negotiating. With the schedule of concerts can be found on our official website kg.org.ua

At a recent album, you collected money for "Spіlnokosht" platform. What are your impressions of the cooperation you have left?

Spilnokosht - not a magic wand, but the thing is very close to it if possible))). The only difference - the desire necessary to reinforce actions. BIGGGGIDEA team - young and ambitious. It consists of successful people, who are constantly evolving. If you plan to succeed in using platfoma "Spіlnokosht" I recommend to listen to their advice. Impressions from the collaboration very pleasant.

Contributions of any size prevailed?

We have not analyzed the statistics contributions. I think that size is not important. The main thing that you feel support.

Ukrainians are ready to pay for music?

The album "70/80" Ukrainians supported. Perhaps this is the answer to your question.

What you want to tell the audience?

Let's try to understand and support each other. And all will be well.

Peace and inspiration!

Talked Lina Swat / Source: http://biznesoblast.com/voice/47710/

Upcoming concerts

  • 17.09.2022 Andriivs'kyi descent

    5-7 Andriivs'kyi descent. The performance of the "Kamianyi Hist" band begins at 3:00 p.m

Valerii Lutsenko - bass guitar
Amadeus Rotbart - flute
Yurii Veres - songwriter, vocal, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Victor Chernetski - guitar
Serhii Spatar - drums, percussion

Кам'яний гість - малюнок. Автор - Дмитро Бакрив