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Let's celebrate together the 22nd birthday of the Kam'yaniy Gist group!

On October 22, 2020, the rock group "Kam'yaniy gist" invites you to the "Docker-G Pub" club to celebrate its 22nd birthday!

On this evening, the musicians will perform compositions that for many years have delighted the listeners and fans of the group, namely: “Over the Mountains”, “Horizon to Heaven”, “Chateau Gaillard”, “Shaman's Blues” and others.

The concert will also feature songs from the project "Classic Rock in the Ukrainian Style", in which the Kamyaniy Gist group performs in Ukrainian the famous hits of such rock legends as "The Beatles", "The Doors", "Creedence Clearwater Revival" , "Slade", "Rainbow", Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, Gary Moore.

On July 12, the musicians of the group Kamyaniy Gist on the air of the Hromadsky Radio

On July 12, turn on "Hromadske Radio" and listen to the live broadcast of the "Pora rocku" program with Andrii Kulykov and the musicians of the "Kamyaniy Gist" group. We will talk about the history of recording the album "Plyne chas". The beginning is at 17:07.

Album Plyne chas online!

Friends, we are glad to present you our new album "Plyne chas"!

In recent months, we have been actively working in the studio on mixing and mastering records, trying to achieve the most interesting sound.

This release is significantly different from the CD version that our group presented recently.

"Plyne chas" is one of the most lyrical and positive albums of the Kamianiy Gist group.

The plate contains 8 tracks, each of which is a separate story. Together they form a single storyline with certain stages of development and culmination.

In the lyrics, the musicians raise such important topics as faith and hope, life and death, peace and war, meeting and separation, inspiration and love. Also in the album there was a place for irony and humor.

Coming soon 🥁

The album "Plyne chas" of the Kamyaniy Gist group will soon appear on the pages of popular Internet shops and services.

The online release will be significantly different from the CD version that our group presented in the winter. We recorded the song "V moih snah" again, and in other compositions we decided to update the vocals, guitars and drums. The overall sound of the album will also be completely new.

Dmytro Bakryv - bass guitar
Sergiy Robulets - flute
Yuriy Veres – songwriter, vocals, acoustic guitar
Victor Chernetsky-guitar
Sergey Sergiy Spatar - drums, percussion

Kamyaniy Gist (The Stoneguest) - picture. Artist - Dmytro Bakryv